Major Anuj Rajput & Major Sankalp Yadav

Major Anuj Rajput & Major Sankalp Yadav

Bare coincidence that both of them were (aviators + best friends + NDA & IMA batch mates + room mates in Nashik) and left us, almost together. Few lines dedicated to their friendship:

• ये दोस्ती हम नहीं तोड़ेंगे, तोड़ेंगे दम मगर तेरा साथ ना छोडेंगे |
• तेरे जैसा यार कहाँ, कहां ऐसा याराना, याद करेगी दुनिया, तेरा मेरा अफ़साना

Major Anuj’s father has penned down a short and  beautiful poem in their memory:

कुछ सपने कुछ बहादुर अपने, साथ लेकर जाते हैं..
कितना भी उन्हे याद करे बस यादों में रह जाते हैं

On 21-Sep-2021 (barely 6 month’s before Major Sankalp attained Veergati), Sankalp’s best friend and also an aviator, Major Anuj Rajput (sitting on left in the above image) also attained Veergati while serving the nation in Jammu & Kashmir.

India lost two brave hearts & close buddies in a quick succession.

Similarities between Major Anuj & Major Sankalp:

• Both were born in the YEAR 1993. (DOB of Sankalp is 29-March-1993 while that of Anuj is 18-Sep-1993). 6 months apart.

• Both Left for heavenly adobe in their Month of Birth – Sankalp attained veergati on 11-March-2002 while Anuj attained veergati on 21-Sep-2021. Again just 6 months apart.

• Both joined NDA & IMA together in the same Batch/course number 126 & 136 respectively.

• Both were from the Artillery Background.

• Both did their advance aviation course from Nasik (together) – they were room partners during that course. On the completion of this course, Anuj stood 1st while Sankalp was 4th in the merit list.

• Anuj’s take off timing was at 10:05 AM & his helicopter crashed at 10:50 AM, while Sankalp also took off at 10:05 AM & crashed at 10:55 AM.

• Both the accidents happened in the state of Jammu & Kashmir (for Sankalp it was in Gurez near Sri Nagar while for Anuj it was near Udhampur).

• Sankalp had bought a Villa where as Anuj took 4 BHK Flat & both of them were about to shift.

• Both had a passion towards driving and so they Purchased the SUVs together. They were also about to purchase new cars for their parents.

• The most surprising fact is – SANKALP’s mother is Smt. USHA Yadav & ANUJ’s mother is Smt. Usha Rajpuut.

• Both the mothers – “Usha Ji” are TEACHERS by profession.